E-Transactions in Vietnam – ‎Vietnamese Law Blog

Electronic Transactions (E-Transactions) in Vietnam As defined in the Electronic Transaction Law (the ET Law), electronic transaction or e-transaction means a transaction conducted by electronic means. Electronic means are means that operate on the basis of an electric, electronic, digital, magnetic, wireless, optical, electro-magnetic technology or similar technologies. Any transactions by electronic means in the … Read more

Investment Support in Vietnam – ‎Vietnamese Law Blog

This week we wanted to highlight our upcoming legal guide for investment in Vietnam prepared by Associate Le Thanh Cong and Legal Assistant Pham Hoang Vu. This excerpt from the full guide covers investment support by the government for enterprises, particularly SMEs and technology startups, which is a subset of investment incentives offered under the … Read more

Ancillary Data Services in Vietnam – ‎Vietnamese Law Blog

Data Intermediaries and Analytics Firms International treatment of data has led to the creation of a couple of categories of service providers: data intermediaries who are third parties that transfer data from one entity to another and are bound by the rules of specific jurisdictions, and analytics firms who take the data provided by banks … Read more

Reviving Vietnam’s Economy with Fiscal Policies: Resolution 43

Vietnam’s National Assembly (NA) adopted Resolution 43/2022/QH15 (Resolution 43) on fiscal and monetary policies to support Vietnam’s economic recovery due to the pandemic and subsequent lockdowns in 2021. Under Resolution 43, the government has asked the Ministry of Planning and Investment (MPI) to draft policies that would help Vietnam in its post-covid recovery. Resolution 43 … Read more

Cross-Border Advertising Services in Vietnam: Decree 70

Vietnam issued Decree 70 adding new regulations related to cross-border advertising service provisions in Vietnam. Firms engaged in cross-border advertising must follow regulations related to cybersecurity, management, provision, use of internet services, and pay tax. Decree 70 takes effect on September 15, 2021. Vietnam’s government issued Decree No. 70/2021/ND-CP (Decree 70) on July 21, which … Read more

Blockchains or Databases, a Discussion – ‎Vietnamese Law Blog

I recently had a conversation with an official from the US Consulate here in Ho Chi Minh City, in which we discussed cryptocurrency and blockchain issues. On repeated occasions he asked the question: what makes blockchain different from a regular database? That got me thinking. There are certainly some instances in which there is no … Read more

Closing Your business in Vietnam: Guidelines and Procedures

Investors may choose to close their business depending on the financial situation or simply upgrading from an RO or consolidating business lines. While most investors do not hope or expect to stop their business activities, it may take time for executives to become fully aware of the procedures and responsibilities they face when dissolving their … Read more

Cryptocurrency Gambling Ring Hacked by Government – ‎Vietnamese Law Blog

All right, one more blog post about cryptocurrency. A little over a week ago, the Ho Chi Minh City police announced they busted a major gambling ring (see article from Bloomberg here). They arrested 59 people and confiscated 40 laptops, over 70 cell phones, ATM cards, and over 130,000USD worth of Vietnamese Dong. The gambling … Read more

Vietnam Proposes Draft Decree Tightening Control Over Social Networks

Vietnam’s government published a draft decree proposing amendments and new regulations related to internet services and online information. If implemented, only licensed social networks will be allowed to provide livestreaming services and other revenue-generating services for users. Vietnam Briefing highlights major revisions in this draft decree in relation to social networks in Vietnam, as well … Read more