egaristain: Mendy Is One Of The Best Fullback In The World!

Begaristain: Mendy Is One Of The Best Fullback In The World!

Manchester City sporting director Txiki Begaristain threw praise on Benjamin Mendy, and considers the player to be one of the best fullbacks in the world Classic Games Sbobet.

The Frenchman has just brought City from AS Monaco, with a transfer fee of 50 million pounds, and Begaristain believes that the arrival of the players will have a positive impact on the club.

“Benjamin has all the things we’re looking for from a full-back. For a young player, he has a very wide experience at the highest level. ”

“Without a doubt, he is definitely one of the best fullbacks in the world. Our number one target is in this position. We’re happy to have him at Manchester City. ”

“I’m sure he will definitely be a fantastic addition to the squad.”

Barcelona Aggressive, Klopp Confirm Liverpool Stars Are Not For Sale

Barcelona Aggressive, Klopp Confirm Liverpool Stars Are Not For Sale

Jurgen Klopp insists Philippe Coutinho is very comfortable with his career at Anfield, after reports of Barcelona’s interest in the Liverpool star.

Coutinho’s future speculation is starting to be a warm conversation again. Latest The Reds firmly rejected Barcelona’s proposed bid of 72 pounds to recruit the Brazilian playmaker.

As if not yet surrender, Blaugrana reportedly ready to submit a second bid of 80 million pounds. That’s what they hope can melt the management giant Merseyside to sell its star player.

In fact it was clear that Liverpool did not intend to sell Coutinho, who is one of his key players at the moment. The assertion was made by architect Jurgen Klopp, who did not want one of his best players to leave.

Moreover, Klopp revealed that the Liverpool star is happy with his life on Merseyside, and is ready to become a bigger player in the upcoming season.

“Everyone knows that Phil Coutinho is a key player for us, no doubt,” said the German manager.

“I know he feels very much better now, comfortable or whatever it is, can be in Liverpool. He loves this club, he loves his city and it’s all clear, ”

“It was seen in his game as he showed tonight (vs Leicester City). He’s very good even in a tough pre-season moment after all the training sessions, and that’s great to see and show great potential in him. ”

Klopp indicated that he wanted Cou to survive, not management or anyone else.

“I can say he is not for sale, he is not for sale! There are many other things to say. This is my decision. So that’s it, ”

“We’ve come to a very important moment and we want to get better. For this we have to keep our key players. So that’s the answer, ”

“I can say 20 times, he is not sold. If you ask another question and I say there is no guarantee, you make the story another way. No story for me, ”

“Whatever happens from their club, I say he is not for sale. You can say whatever you want. The answer is ‘not for sale!’ Klopp closed. (Source: This Is Anfield)

Prayer for Osvaldo-Marinus Comes to Indonesia Vs Thailand

Prayer for Osvaldo-Marinus Comes to Indonesia Vs Thailand

Coach Persipura Jayapura, Wanderley Junior, appreciate the game Osvaldo Haay and Marinus Mariyanto who played a major role to bring the national team U-22 Indonesia win over Mongolia with a score of 7-0 Bandar Judi Online.

In the second leg of Group H Qualification U-23 Asia Cup 2018 at the National Stadium Bangkok, on Friday (21/07/2017), Osvaldo and Marinus trusted as a starter.

Luis Milla’s confidence paid off after they both scored one goal. Other goals donated Saddil Ramdani (16 ‘, 56’), Gavin Kwan (34 ‘, 87’), and Septian David (90 ‘).

“I congratulate Marinus and Osvaldo for their victories and goals,” Wanderley told on Friday night.

However, Wanderley asked both players to re-focus preparing for the last match against Thailand on Sunday (23/7/2017).

Indonesia is obliged to win over Thailand to reach tickets to the 2018 Asian Cup.

“Hopefully they can excel in taking the national team through to the next phase, that’s my prayer for them in the name of the Lord Jesus,” said the Brazilian coach.

Currently, Thailand tops Group H by collecting four points thanks to a draw with Mongolia and a win over Malaysia.

Meanwhile, Indonesia and Malaysia are both pocketed three points. Malaysia will fight Mongolia in the last match.

Curhat Bobotoh to Ridwan Kamil about Bad Facilities of GBLA

Curhat Bobotoh to Ridwan Kamil about Bad Facilities of GBLA

A number of bobotoh (supporters Persib) expresses his unrest with Bandung Mayor Ridwan Kamil about the poor facilities at the Gelora Bandung Lautan Api (GBLA) Stadium.

It was expressed by the bobotoh when meeting Ridwan Kamil in Pendopo Bandung, Jalan Dalemkaum, Wednesday (19/07/2017) afternoon.

Yana Umar, one of the Viking (base supporters Persib), assess, a number of public facilities in the GBLA very worrying. One of his concerns is the condition of the worshiping-looking mosques.

Conditions are compounded by poor toilet hygiene in the stadium area.

“Mushala small, dirty, no water, from 10 toilets there are maybe two that can be used, and that lights are dead, dark,” Yana said.

Meanwhile, Agus Ompong, another bobotoh, requested that the inter-tribune guardrail be repaired. Because, he said, many viewers who entered did not match the tickets purchased.

“GBLA needs a tribune border because those who buy side tickets can go to VIP for example,” he said.

Responding to that, Ridwan Kamil acknowledge if GBLA Stadium design tends to be over protective. It was recognized Ridwan often make the audience uncomfortable while watching the game.

“So the GBLA design is too overprotective to make viewers uncomfortable watching in the stands.” It must be admitted that the GBLA stadium’s guardrail is too high, the viewpoint is uncomfortable, “Emil said.

Meanwhile, related to complaints about the poor public facilities at the GBLA stadium, Emil promised to immediately make improvements.

“The stadium should look from the perspective of the audience, we will fix it later and other facilities,” he said.

Opportunity Neymar Leave Barcelona Very Small


Opportunity Neymar Leave Barcelona Very Small

Jakarta Neymar move process from Barcelona certainly a lot. Because according to one of the Barcelona officials, Robert Fernandez, no club is willing to redeem the release clause of the Brazilian player Agen Judi Online.

Neymar signed a new contract with Barcelona on July 1, 2016. At that time, Blaugrana enter the release clause Neymar for 222 million euros (Rp 3.39 trillion).

It makes Neymar will stay at Camp Nou at least until his contract expires on 30 June 2021, unless there are clubs willing to pay a certain amount of disposal clusters. However, the value stated in the clause makes Robert Fernandez sure Neymar will not move.

“I think Neymar is almost impossible to move from Barcelona, ​​we do not want to lose an important player like that,” said Robert Fernandez.

“Every season, we try to strengthen the team with all the possibilities that are available.” Currently, we have no offer for players in Barcelona, ​​”he continued.

On Neymar’s latest contract with Barcelona, ​​the release clause could increase to 250 million euros (Rp 3.82 trillion) in the next 12 months.

Source: FourFourTwo

Valencia Opportunity to Buy Medel

Valencia Opportunity to Buy Medel

Chilean national team player Gary Medel is not part of the new coach plan of Luciano Spalletti and his contract also expires next summer, so sales are the only real option for Inter.

After negotiating with Boca Juniors and Mexican club Tigres, a deal has not yet found a bright spot.

According to media in Spain, it’s because the 30-year-old man next month wants to stay in Europe.

Valencia is now reportedly in the midst of preparing to bring Medel and there may be developments in the next few days.

He has been in various European clubs since January 2011 with Sevilla, Cardiff City and then Inter in 2014.

With him still wanting to keep his career in Europe, Valencia could become the next port where the Nerazzurri did intend to sell it.

Dani Alves Ready To Face Comments Italic

Dani Alves Ready To Face Comments Italic

Dani Alves is ready to be bombarded with criticism because he predicted decided to decline the offer join Manchester City and chose to move to PSG Bola Online Terpercaya.

The Brazilian experienced player has previously drawn controversy by breaking his contract with Juventus, who was initially thought to be reuniting with his former coach at Barca, Pep Guardiola.

However, Alves will be introduced as PSG players will be introduced as soon as possible after leaving City and the supporters of the team angry because they feel betrayed.

“Humans live side by side with challenges,” he wrote on his personal Instagram.

“Prepare yourself not to be afraid of the consequences of your decisions, fear is only difficult, but your confidence and hard work will encourage you.

“I’m ready to live since I was a kid. In the heart, I have love and passion, in my soul there is a thirst to become a champion. “

Karim, Mignolet, and Ward Will Compete to Be a Liverpool Starter

Karim, Mignolet, and Ward Will Compete to Be a Liverpool Starter

Liverpool FC have three candidates for goalkeeper number one next season, namely Simon Mignolet, Loris Karius, and Danny Ward.

The Reds coach, Juergen Klopp, will give the same chance for the three figures to prove their worth.

Karius had become Klopp’s first choice at the start of the season.

However, an inconsistent appearance puts Klopp to put Mignolet back from December 2016 until the end of the season.

Meanwhile, Ward stole his attention through his work when lent to Huddersfield Town.

Action held back a penalty in the play-offs The Championship Division helped Huddersfield promotion into the Premier League aka Premier League’s highest caste.

Klopp has not determined who is the number one goalkeeper for Liverpool in the 2017-2018 season.

Both Karius, Mignoloet, and Ward have a similar chance in the eyes of the German coach.

“Liverpool have three good goalkeepers, they have a chance to prove their worth, and then we will see who will be the starter,” Klopp said.

For Klopp, the presence of three goalkeepers is not at all a matter of concern.

“Having three great goalkeepers is great for every coach, as long as there is no decision, they can show the best possible ability, I’m sure the Liverpool defense will be good with their presence,” said the former coach of Borussia Dortmund.

Athletic Bilbao Players Hairdresser for Co-Setim

Athletic Bilbao Players Hairdresser for Co-Setim
Unifiedness shown the players Athletic Bilbao when starting preseason training 2017-2018, Friday (7/7/2017) Manfaat Buah Lemon. Aritz Aduriz et al shaved hair to sympathize with defender Yeray Alvarez.

The 22-year-old was surprised by his team-mates’ welcome in the club’s dressing room. He found his whole colleagues’ heads becoming placos.

Alvarez was supposed to defend the Spanish junior national team at the U-21 European Cup last. However, she was dropped because she had to undergo chemotherapy to cure her testicular cancer.

“We want to make him feel good, we do this not only for Yeray but the whole family that has experienced it,” said midfielder Oscar de Marcos as quoted by the BBC.
Last season Alvarez played in 26 La Liga Primera Division matches, Spain’s top-ranked caste. He was instrumental in delivering the Basque origin team finished in seventh position.

Nevertheless, he must be several times absent due to undergoing surgery and treatment. Last December, he underwent surgery and returned to action in February.

Last June, an anomaly was recovered in Alvarez’s body during a medical test. He also had to undergo treatment again and forget about his desire to appear in the U-21 European Cup.

Spain U-21 national team failed to become champions because lost to Germany in the final game.

Real Madrid midfielder denies giving false testimony

Luka Modric

Real Madrid midfielder denies giving false testimony
The Croatian prosecutor’s office opened an investigation into Real Madrid midfielder Luka Modric since June 2017. Because he is suspected of having given false testimony in the trial of former Dinamo Zagreb director Zdravko Mamic.

The player who brought Real Madrid to the Spanish league title and the 2016-17 Champions League trophy allegedly gave false testimony when questioned about his transfer from Dinamo to Tottenham Hotspur in 2008 ago. The 31-year-old midfielder admitted to signing a transfer proposal with Dinamo in July 2004.

In fact, according to the prosecutor, a transfer proposal that allows Modric to move to MU, ditandangi in 2008. At that time, Modric has officially left Dinamo Zagreb.

But Modric insisted he was not lying. “I came here to show my defense and tell the truth, as I have done every moment before this,” Modric told the court in Osijek, Croatia, Wednesday (5/7/2017), as reported by the US.

“I have a clean conscience, I am sure that I have not committed any crime,” he said.

Giving false testimony is a punishable offense in Croatia. So far, the court has not revealed the punishment that the Real Madrid star will face if found guilty.