Emery: Pastore intentions leave fairly normal

Emery: Pastore intentions leave fairly normal

The number of Paris Saint-Germain star players does not seem to make Unai Emery managers feel dizzy with the intention of Javier Pastore to leave agenjudionline.pro.

In fact, Les Parissien tend to be sincere off the Argentine players. The reason, Pastore is already planning to immediately leave from PSG because he did not feel at home so far only become a backup player.

And after Pastore reveals his passion for hijra, now it’s PSG’s turn to respond. Emery admitted that if he was ready to release Pastore, the desire of the player moved is considered normal.

“Speaking of players like Pastore who intend to leave is a normal thing. Regardless of whether they play or not, they are great players, “Emery told local media.

“For me, the most important thing at the moment is to prepare every game for Wednesday and Saturday,”

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