Prayer for Osvaldo-Marinus Comes to Indonesia Vs Thailand

Prayer for Osvaldo-Marinus Comes to Indonesia Vs Thailand

Coach Persipura Jayapura, Wanderley Junior, appreciate the game Osvaldo Haay and Marinus Mariyanto who played a major role to bring the national team U-22 Indonesia win over Mongolia with a score of 7-0 Bandar Judi Online.

In the second leg of Group H Qualification U-23 Asia Cup 2018 at the National Stadium Bangkok, on Friday (21/07/2017), Osvaldo and Marinus trusted as a starter.

Luis Milla’s confidence paid off after they both scored one goal. Other goals donated Saddil Ramdani (16 ‘, 56’), Gavin Kwan (34 ‘, 87’), and Septian David (90 ‘).

“I congratulate Marinus and Osvaldo for their victories and goals,” Wanderley told on Friday night.

However, Wanderley asked both players to re-focus preparing for the last match against Thailand on Sunday (23/7/2017).

Indonesia is obliged to win over Thailand to reach tickets to the 2018 Asian Cup.

“Hopefully they can excel in taking the national team through to the next phase, that’s my prayer for them in the name of the Lord Jesus,” said the Brazilian coach.

Currently, Thailand tops Group H by collecting four points thanks to a draw with Mongolia and a win over Malaysia.

Meanwhile, Indonesia and Malaysia are both pocketed three points. Malaysia will fight Mongolia in the last match.

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