Curhat Bobotoh to Ridwan Kamil about Bad Facilities of GBLA

Curhat Bobotoh to Ridwan Kamil about Bad Facilities of GBLA

A number of bobotoh (supporters Persib) expresses his unrest with Bandung Mayor Ridwan Kamil about the poor facilities at the Gelora Bandung Lautan Api (GBLA) Stadium.

It was expressed by the bobotoh when meeting Ridwan Kamil in Pendopo Bandung, Jalan Dalemkaum, Wednesday (19/07/2017) afternoon.

Yana Umar, one of the Viking (base supporters Persib), assess, a number of public facilities in the GBLA very worrying. One of his concerns is the condition of the worshiping-looking mosques.

Conditions are compounded by poor toilet hygiene in the stadium area.

“Mushala small, dirty, no water, from 10 toilets there are maybe two that can be used, and that lights are dead, dark,” Yana said.

Meanwhile, Agus Ompong, another bobotoh, requested that the inter-tribune guardrail be repaired. Because, he said, many viewers who entered did not match the tickets purchased.

“GBLA needs a tribune border because those who buy side tickets can go to VIP for example,” he said.

Responding to that, Ridwan Kamil acknowledge if GBLA Stadium design tends to be over protective. It was recognized Ridwan often make the audience uncomfortable while watching the game.

“So the GBLA design is too overprotective to make viewers uncomfortable watching in the stands.” It must be admitted that the GBLA stadium’s guardrail is too high, the viewpoint is uncomfortable, “Emil said.

Meanwhile, related to complaints about the poor public facilities at the GBLA stadium, Emil promised to immediately make improvements.

“The stadium should look from the perspective of the audience, we will fix it later and other facilities,” he said.

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